Our Body’s Conditioning Base

The thymus gland gains strength environing the T cells secreted by the thyroid gland turns them into antibodies conditions them. The thymus secretions are responsible for the conditioning of the immunity system fight off microbes their activities; it is the center of the system the system is administered from here. It constitutes the main source of the feelings for enjoying what we do, speaking smiling. It mobilizes the relevant nerves, muscles cells. Stimulates the brain activates speaking smiling.

In the puberty

The thymus is an organ regressing with age. In childhood it is the size of a nut, in puberty it is the size of a walnut, if not activated with increasing age it shrinks to the size of a pea then rice, its function reduces. The main reason why the thymus grows during puberty is the formation of two new mini capsules for conditioning the testosterone estrogen hormones inside the thymus capsule. Unconditioned testosterone estrogen may turn into so called “DIHIDRO” (unfunctional) cells. These degenerated cells are the main trigger of cancer.

Function loss over time of the Thymus Gland

This causes degeneration of the immunity system development of diseases. It was also observed that the Thymus Gland in some elders, who are keeping themselves away from stress following a calm life, has conserved itself in size of a walnut is continuing its function.  If circumstances i.e. excessive excitement, stress occurs frequently, the Thymus becomes unable to fulfill its duty immune response regresses.  If the Thymus Gland has lost its activity; signs are observed as excessive nervousness, sudden behavioral changes, faltered speaking, insensibility toward jokes offended reactions.

To check the condition of the Thymus…

We can check the condition of the Thymus rubbing our tongue against our soft palate upper (a tremble feeling occurs in our body). Another method is to put our right hand at joining point, the neck combines with the body, press, thus you can feel the movement, mobility of the Thymus Gland. When you are stressed uptight, you will feel that there is no activity a cold seat at this point.  Looking in the mirror you will see that this region turned red.

Advantages of stimulating the Thymus…

Hormones secreted by the thymus, when stimulated, pleasure happiness in the person, because activation of the Thymus results in an alteration in the body chemistry. Such alteration calms the nerve system down accelerates the brain functions, creates a physical mental relaxing feeling in the person.

To ensure that the Thymus Gland stays healthy is able to perform its duty fully

It is also necessary that the Hypophysis Gland secretes sufficient Endorphin Serotonin. Endorphin Serotonin secretions flow into the Thyroid, Thymus Heart trigger calmness, quietness happiness. Endorphin Serotonin secretions are the uninterrupted energy source of the Thymus Gland heart.

A single smile

An open-hearted smile speaking happily stays in close contact with the Thymus Gland. An open-hearted smile also strengths the Thymus Gland makes it quite effective; in case of anxiety stress our Thymus Gland is our first affected organ. If the Thymus Gland is activated often the person will stay healthy the immunity system will be strong.