Effects of the Thymus Gland on the immunity system.

The Thymus Gland is an important organ, which develops prior to immediately after the birth lymphocyte, protects the body against infections. Lymphocytes so called T cells produced by the Thymus, count to cells having important advantages on the health, are eliminating cells, which may harm the body. Due to that the T cells are disrupting the communication line to each other the Thymus Gland loses its function within time this causes the immunity system to be destroyed results in deadly diseases i.e. AIDS, which are “contagious DUE TO THE WEAKNESS OF THE IMMUNITY SYSTEM”. The Thymus Gland of a child has a size of walnut in puberty. However if it is not activated with the increasing age it decreases to the size of a pea.

Can the Thymus Activation protect us from cancer?

Nobel laureate Austrian MacFarlane Burnet, who has “prepared the formula of the cancer theory” revealed, that the body gains a huge ability to save protect against any cancer. The most important thing is that he claimed proved that this eliminates the cancer risk. The cancer researcher author Lloyd Wright wrote that activating the Thymus Gland constitutes an alternative for the human body to protect itself against immunity system diseases i.e. cancer Hepatitis C.


In his research conducted in 1993 at the University of California, Dr. Paul Ekman proved that laughing prompts the Thymus muscles connected with various pleasure areas of the brain creates the pleasure feeling in the human.

‘’The Mysterious Thymus Gland may be the Key, which Stops Aging.’’

“An article published in 1982 in the New York Times Newspaper shows that researches about the Thymus Gland started many years ago. The heading of the article was: “The Mysterious Thymus Gland may be the Key, which Stops Aging.” In the article, it is emphasized that aging is a process tightly coupled with the immunity system, it is mentioned that in studies conducted on animals that the young Thymus Glands transplanted from young animals to aged animals gained a significantly improved function compared to the aged Thymus Gland.”

‘’Thymus activation is the primary basis of building protecting the health ‘’

Author of the “Life Energy” Dr. John Diamond, 1957 graduate of the Medical Faculty of the University of Sydney having many researches books related to the Thymus Gland”, explained, that the Thymus Gland is acting as a line between the mind body that it will be the primary organ to be affected from mental behavior stress incidents, thus that stimulation activation of this gland will be the primary basis of building protecting the health.” If crystals made of diamond quartz will be worn on the Thymus Gland as jewels, a cyclone energy whirl will be created, which draws positive energy returns negative energy.



JULY 17, 2020 / National Geographic

IF YOU WANT to pinpoint an organ that’s key to fighting COVID-19—and to understanding why the disease is so hard on older people—point your finger at the middle of your chest run it up along your sternum. www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/07/why-those-most-risk-coronavirus-least-likely-respond-to-vaccine-cvd