Everything existing has energy all these energies have a source. If the energy wakes up is flowing carrying a positive character, this also reflects positive to the life. Our body, which is the most magnificent mechanism of the universe, has an energy source, which increases our body’s resistance providing happiness with the secreted hormones… In order to become aware of the energy you are possessing to use it in the most efficient manner; discover ThymusSmart. It is a valuable result of a rigorous devoted study put into practice with the inspiration provided by knowledge accumulation about the Thymus Gland long years of lasting researches. Besides its elegant view, it is a study, which has made the Thymus Thump, known for hundreds of years as a treatment method, first time applicable by means of jewelry provided its functionality perceivable by means of jewelry.


A “thump operated” very special necklace, designed in the light of researches made about the organ, from which it has taken its name, in order to strengthen the immunity system, providing simultaneously health, vitality elegance …

Let it to remember

You can perform the Thymus Thump, which is recommended to be done daily 1-3 time each time for 10-15 seconds, again for the same time frequency by means of a necklace. The necklace will remember you as long as you wear it. There is a mechanism in the necklace its operation is based on when needed. The necklace vibrates as long as the symbol in the middle of the necklace is pressed.

Correct Frequency

The Thymus Gland, which can vibrate by means of slight thumps so called Thymus Thump provides mental relaxation, is stimulated by vibrations created by the necklace when touched is capable of strengthening your immunity system. The necklace vibrates as long as the symbol in the middle of the necklace is pressed, which functions thanks to its special mechanism, by means of this created vibration the stimulation of the Thymus Gland is aimed.  


Adjust your necklace in a manner that it has contact with the Thymus Gland located beneath the Thyroid Gland right behind the upper rib cage area right in the mid of the chest. Take a few deep breaths. Touch the middle of your necklace hold it pressed for 10 seconds. Meanwhile continue breathing regularly slowly. Repeat above process 1-3 time daily.